Our portfolio of products and Services

Let Us Bet Application

You want to bet with your friend or stranger about anything? We have an app for that.

The app is mobile and web based. You will be able to bet traditionally on every sport, but the added benefit is that it allows you to bet directly with with your friends and even strangers. How does it work?

  • You identify an event to bet on or create your own
  • You challenge someone via email/SMS/facebook to come for a bet
  • Once the person accepts, then the bet is logged
  • Once the results come in, you are informed and money is dispersed

Management System

We have custom management solutions

  • School Management - to manage your school from creche to high school with various modules like e-learning
  • Hospital Management - to manage your surgery, system can be scaled to support small hospitals
  • Fleet Management - to manage your fleet, allows tracking of vehicles and service interval management
  • Hotel Management - to manage your Bed and Breakfast, Hotels and home rentals

Web Solutions

We have professional designers and developers to make your website / internal web application functional and presentable. We offer

  • Web development, for all your web based application
  • Web revamp, we will make your current website functional and searcheable from search engines
  • Web site security analysis, We analyze your public facing applications and identify any vulnerabilities